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As-Sidq™ (the truth in Arabic), is an Islamic Financial Tawarruq (Fund-raising) Trading Platform, World’s first and Malaysia only shariah-compliant trading system that facilitates Islamic Financing through Financial Technology (Fintech) platform.

It is currently in use by 40 financial institutions in Malaysia since 2012 for personal financing and at the beginning of 2017 is also available for use by small and medium-sized (SMEs) companies for the financing of theirs business activities through factoring companies.

As-Sidq™ has to date processed over 350,000 transactions worth over RM30 billion since its inception.

The multi award-winning product has also gained numerous recognitions for its unique proposition:

  1. 2010 “The Most Innovative Product” by Frost & Sullivan
  2. KLIFF 2010, London SUKUK Summit
  3. Winner of Gold category by International Arch of Europe (I.A.E) Award @ Frankfurt, Germany
  4. 2011, NEF-Awani ICT Awards 2011 for Best Mobile Application Content
  5. 2012 Brand Laureate SME Best Brands Awards for Best Brands in ICT- Content & Media
  6. Awarded as AA 1-innovation certification for enterprise rating and transformation from 1-InnoCert rating 2014
  7. Certified and approved to be in compliance with the Shariah standard by the Islamic Banking and Finance Institute of Malaysia (IBFIM)

As-Sidq™ begins with RHB Islamic Bank Bhd. (RHB Islamic) as its early adopter and gained further traction with the inclusion of Agrobank Malaysia Bhd. (Agrobank), Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN), Koperasi Kakitangan Bank Bank Muamalat Malaysia Bhd. (Koputra), Koperasi Ukhwah Malaysia (Koperasi Ukhwah), Bank Persatuan Malaysia Bhd. (Bank Persatuan), Biro Perkhidmatan Angkasa (Angkasa), Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Bhd. (Bank Rakyat), Affin Islamic Bank Bhd. (Affin Bank), Zikay Factoring and eight other financial institutions thus cementing its position as one of Malaysia’s leading Fintech company.

As part of the technological drive towards making As-Sidq™ a more dynamic platform, secure and with more features for a better tawarruq (Fund-raising) experience, As-Sidq™ will be a cloud-based service; to avoid the possibility of downtime caused by hardware issues and for enhanced security features.

With this in place, As-Sidq™ services currently supporting personal financing and SME's business financing will also be able to cover Current and Saving accounts (CASA) segment and credit cards and mortgage financial segments.

As-Sidq™'s benefits to the financial institutions: